Our Mission

Create a network of physical environments where people build the world of tomorrow.

Our Story

When we founded Johnson Corner in 2018, our vision was creating a global network of work, learning and innovation spaces, ultimately building a high-value global innovation ecosystem. A place to work from, engage in learning experiences, create new products and services, and build new teams. A place where people are redefining success as; building the world of tomorrow, not living in the current unsustainable state of our world. Innovation Ecosystem is our force. 

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Our Values

Driven by tomorrow

We are inspired by building a sustainable world of work enabled by flexible working, lifelong learning, and continuous innovation. 

Entrepreneurial ways

A modern organisation is made up of leaders and entrepreneurs. It is how we aim to transform culture and drive long-term growth.

Radical transparency

We are honest and direct with our communication and sharing of company strategies so our people are trusting and loyal to the continuous evolution of our organisation.

Anchored by persistence

We fuel success and failure with persistence. We give ourselves permission to change, pivot, and persevere but never stop in achieving our vision.  

Our people deserve the best

We believe in enhancing the employee experience of our people over maximising shareholder value. They have earned it for their hard work, talent and beliefs. 

Results through focus

Focus is achieved by saying no to many projects and achieving the results that matter today. Ask yourself - how many things have you said no to, today?  

Our Impact

We measure our impact on people, business, economy, and communities.

Our Team

Elle Belushi

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Maruata Ngarewa Cribb

Community Manager

Zsuzsi Hazag

Creative Designer

Mika Doron

Finance Assistant

Adnan Belushi

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mishka Rosa

Community Coordinator

Jasmine Murray

Creative Writer

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