Johnson Corner

Private Office

Private Office

Private space for small or large teams with access to Johnson Corner's shared meeting rooms, amenities , printing services, and ecosystem benefits.

Private and Secured

Move-in ready, lockable spaces that include a table, chair, and filing cabinet. Move-in and get to work straight away.

Simplified Operations

Access all necessary office essentials such as meeting rooms, printing, WiFi and A/V equipment. We also handle reception, cleaning, IT, kitchen restocking, postage handling and more.

Ecosystem Benefits

Access online learning videos, attend morning and dinner sessions, access capital raising support, office hours, and social events.

Pick Your Location

I'm looking for a private office in 

New Plymouth

Private Office starts at $750 +GST pm/pp and is an annual commitment.

We are working on adding more locations, creating more private spaces open to all.

Premium amenities

Fast WiFi.   Free Coffee.   Meeting Rooms.   Lending Library.   Quiet Areas.   Support Staff.   Inspiring Artwork.   Invaluable Events.   Powerful Community.

Ideal for?

Scaling Startups.  Small Business.  Medium-Large Business.   

Key features

24/7 access. Private Office.  Filing cabinet. Printing.  Monthly credits for meeting room bookings.   Post & package handling. Add space as you grow.

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