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Office Suite

Office Suites for teams

or the whole organisation

Set up your own work environment reserved for your employees. Configure your own branded office suite, select layout from proven designs that perform, and infuse your brand into the design.



Layouts design to incorporate modern workplace practices. Design that prioritises productivity, innovation culture, wellbeing, and growth. 


Employee Experience

Inspiring private reception, meeting rooms, executive offices, phone booths, pantries and collaborative set the scene for increasing employee experience.


Future of Property

Invest zero capital in office space setup, stay flexible as you grow with a two-year minimum member agreement. Reduce operational costs with our integrated support. 

How it works?


Select Layout

Select a layout from our latest menu of layouts that are designed with modern workplace concepts. 



Upgrade details based on your needs and integrate your brand into art and signage.


Move in

We apply an efficient design and build process, ensuring your team moves into the workspace swiftly.


As your team grows and your office space needs change, our team will configurable additional space.

Why Johnson Corner

Johnson Corner offers powerful work solutions and tailored services to individuals, startups, and enterprises to work, gather, connect, and grow with the goal to transition into the new world of work.

Our Story

Learn about our mission at Johnson Corner

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