Accelerate the world's transition
to sustainable working.



Workspace and Experience Builder and Manager

 For Enterprise




We build and manage spaces and experiences for enterprises. Our unique platform provides a one-stop-shop solution for our customers focused on building a better work culture, a modernised portfolio of spaces, and a refreshed worklife experience. 

Build and manage a portfolio of modern spaces

+ Manage existing spaces traditionally leased, owned, or procured on flexible terms 

+ Procure new spaces to add more options to the portfolio and manage overflow

+ Design or reconfigure spaces for new work styles and experiences

+ Build spaces with sustainability standards

+ Manage relocations of workers, onboarding them seamlessly

+ Regularly optimise your portfolio of spaces, driving expansion and contractions

Create and manage a hospitality-forward worklife experience

+ Procure a dedicated tenant experience or work experience team for your portfolio of spaces

+ Create work style modelling from real-time feedback and insights

+ Activate hospitality services in your spaces or buildings

+ Run regular campaigns for a return to the office

+ Build communities through cultural programming and in-person gatherings

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Workspace and Experience Builder and Manager

For Landlord




We partner with Class A landlords and top organisations to build and manage premium workspaces within their assets or a leased environment. We are well positioned to partner with landlords to build brands for their buildings centred around hospitality and flexibility. This requires integration of services and delivery, reducing fragmentation so every user has a seamless and positive experience, designing their personal journeys and experiences, and aligning their work style at the office with that at home.

Build and manage flexible office spaces across a landlord's portfolio (including residential) 

+ Coworking spaces as an amenity

+ Work Lounges for building street-front communities

+ Standard private offices with shared amenities

+ Private suites with private amenities

+ Base-build ready configurable full floors with tenant branding

Create and manage a suite of hospitality-forward tenant experiences 

+ Concierge service for all tenants

+ Activate hospitality-forward amenities and services

+ Run campaigns for regular attraction of tenants

+ Create programmes for attracting regular in-person gatherings




Johnson Company is on a mission to create a group of companies that makes solutions for built environments to shape how we work, live, and explore. The group’s mission is to divest our offering across a diverse range of built environments. The next in line for launch is the residential offering. This enables us to align the future of work with the future of living. 


Established in 2017, Johnson Corner celebrates the place of its inception, Ngāmotu, New Zealand, and the Johnson Family, a long line of ordinary entrepreneurs since the early 1900s in Taranaki. Our name carries what we stand for, caring for people and places. That is at the heart of why we do what we do. 


"We believe productising the built environments will help meet the demands of the next generation of users. While we are a small team from New Zealand, our products,  platform, brand, and global team are a force to be reckoned with globally. The significant changes we have made over the last two years have positioned us streets ahead of anything else in the market. Why? Our approach is unique, a first in the market, and sophisticated, and our master plan is clear." —Adnan Belushi