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Be part of changing the world

Johnson Corner is on a mission to shape workspaces where individuals, teams, and organisations achieve sustainable high performance. It is doing so in partnership with the world's best landlords by bringing productisation in the built environments.


Don't miss the chance to join our organisation as an investor

We're raising NZ$10M to scale our impact and meet the growing demand from landlords and enterprises to build modern workplace solutions in New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region.


We are raising funds to help grow our company, scale our impact, and make Johnson Corner the go-to solution for landlords and enterprises. The seed funding will be used to invest in the scalability of our products, build operational capacity, expand in the New Zealand market, and explore opportunities in the APAC Region. 


The ideal investor

We are open to investors that align with the below criteria. 


Do you align with our values, mission, and vision? There must be a strong synergy and a common goal.

Ability to help

Can you help Johnson Corner achieve its goals, beyond simply capital? Do you have access to office buildings, landlord partners, service partners, and customers?

Capital access

How much capital do you have access to? Johnson Corner will continue to require capital to grow and achieve its goals. Access to quick capital is critical.

Great to work with

How enjoyable, meaningful, and effective the relationship would be? We are on a highly intense ride and expect and want to work in an efficient manner.

Buys into strategy

How aligned are you with our ambitious strategy? Can you buy into our long-term ownership structure? Are you comfortable with aggressive profitable growth?

Good governance

Although we are an early-stage startup, we don't overlook governance. Can you operate under good governance and add value?


Ready to invest in changing the world?

If you are an individual or wholesale investor or a company that sees benefit in investing in our organisation, please submit an expression of interest. Otherwise, if you want to stay in touch about future campaigns, please leave your details with us.

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