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Innovation Management

Innovation strategy and management

Get your enterprise prepared for the new decade. Our innovation team will help you manage incremental and disruptive innovation simultaneously. We manage innovation efficiently and monitor your ability to innovate continuously.

Innovation Strategy

We focus on creating an innovation strategy that makes continuous incremental improvements to existing products and at the same, developing new division by launching radically new products.

Innovation Management

We manage innovation by creating an innovation network throughout the organisation and facilitate innovation programmes. We make innovation monitoring a critical priority for your organisation.

Top 4 Innovation Trends


Your existing business model and products may continue to be profitable in the next decade, but with a declining trend. he innovation you create will need time to become profitable by optimizing the existing continuously, and at the same time, drive radical innovation


Create an innovation culture that ensures that employees at all levels of the organisation are enthusiastic about innovation. This is usually done by involving as many people possible in and eventually developing a network of innovation across the organisation. 


In many enterprises, innovation is primarily confusing and fragmented resulting in a high amount of resources to push innovation ahead. Automating routine innovation management and digital transformation tasks will help drive efficiency.


To drive continuous innovation, monitoring your organisation's innovation progress is critical. If an enterprise doesn’t have enough ideas today for strategically important projects, it won’t have mature concepts and prototypes tomorrow. And that means it doesn’t have any mature new business models to commercialise. 

Why Johnson Corner

Johnson Corner offers powerful work solutions and tailored services to individuals, startups, and enterprises to work, gather, connect, and grow with the goal to transition into the new world of work.

Our Story

Johnson Corner's mission is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable world of work.

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