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Supporting businesses save and grow

Johnson Corner offers individuals, startups, and enterprises powerful work solutions and services at significant cost savings. Our platform supports businesses to work more productively, solve problems creatively, and collaborate with a common purpose; enabling growth.



Creating a physical-world platform

We are creating a physical-world equivalent of a digital platform, bringing value by imprinting our unique culture inspired by our motherland (New Zealand), human-centred design, technology infrastructure, hospitality services, and innovation expertise. This guides us towards building interconnected environments driving value at the individual, organisation, community and economy level.


Future-proofing buildings

The future of commercial real estate (CRE) is flexible. CRE occupants around the world are planning to reduce their traditional office footprint space, replacing them with flexible workspace solutions. This is disrupting landlords and putting-at-risk; tenancy occupancy, revenue, and impacting neighbourhood energy and economy. We aim to help landlords by re-imagining traditional buildings into modern work environments offering flexible solutions and operating spaces to achieve their goals.


Accelerating innovation economy of a city

Our new approach to accelerating and incubating growing startups and large enterprises enables us to build an ecosystem of innovation in a city. This enables us to accelerate a city's innovation economy by supporting high-growth and high-value industries such as digital, creative professional services, and advanced manufacturing.


Uplifting our neighbourhood

When we re-activate a building into a living and vibrant environment, it brings economic opportunity. This happens through attracting new people who spend in local shops, restaurants, café, gyms; increasing neighbourhood vibrancy. 


Sustainable urban development 

Johnson Corner is 2x more efficient with space design and usage, compared to a conventional office space. This means Johnson Corner frees up space for new people and business. By increasing the efficiency of real estate, we are reducing the carbon footprint. By choosing central locations, we encourage members to use public or electric transport. This allows us to enable space without needing additional construction. 


Empowering women in the workplace

Empowering women in the workplace is a priority for our team. We uplift women by creating environments that encourage women to pursue careers in the innovation economy and build new companies. Johnson Corner's human-centred approach to design attracts more women members. 


Commuting Sustainably

Johnson Corner members use modes of commuting that reduces carbon emissions; either by accessing public transport, EVs, E-scooters, walking or cycling.  

We take a deep interest in helping create solutions that introduce sustainable commuting. Blip Scooters from our innovation accelerator programme is enabling more electric form of transportation.


Developing youth capability

At Johnson Corner, we believe in the capacity and the capability of our dynamic youth. By working with Spotswood College, we are helping students develop experiential learning skills. We create programmes that help students solve creative problems, start a new business, help our fellow members and be more work aware. Empowering our youth means we prepare a generation that can solve the world's greatest problems. 


Improving well-being in the workplace

Mental health is a serious problem in our communities and workplaces. Through space design, culture and community creation, support, and partnership with non-for-profit movements, we are committed to improving mental well-being in our communities. We have hosted events to raise donations for Taranaki Retreat, and are supporting Girls Mind Matter, an initiative to improve mental health for women. 


Awarding Scholarships

We are proud to offer scholarships, a program that emerged from our commitment to do social good. Awarded to individuals working in nonprofit, social services, advocacy, education, and work that supports the advancement of communities in most need. Each scholarship covers a one-year membership to Johnson Corner.

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