About us

Johnson Corner is working with the worlds most prominent landlords to create environments that support growing startups and established enterprises, empowering their workforce as the future of work unfolds.

Through strategic partnerships, Johnson Corner is planning to operate a global network of spaces in Class A office buildings. It is currently raising investments and plans to be New Zealand's leader in providing flexible workplace solutions to commercial landlords, growing startups, and established enterprises.

Johnson Corner's impact goes beyond enabling landlords, startups and enterprises. It also invests into accelerating a city's innovation economy, uplifting neighbourhoods, and improving community wellbeing.

Our founders

Elle Belushi

Chief Brand Officer

Elle is known for her transformation from 14 years of mental illness. Before co-founding Johnson Corner, Elle founded Mrs. Johnson, a handcrafted shoe line, operating out of Indonesia for 5 years, selling to overseas markets. Elle also styled events, and worked in interior design. She is the visionary behind Johnson Corner design. Elle studied fashion and design from Western Institute of Technology (NZ).

Adnan Belushi

Chief Executive Officer

Adnan is known for his transformation from poverty to an entrepreneur, a story he shared on the TEDx stage. Before co-founding Johnson Corner, Adnan worked for large enterprises, startups and government agencies, for 13 years, driving global innovation and transformation projects. Adnan holds a Masters (MBA) degree from Henley Business School (UK). He studied ecosystem design and researched the uniqueness of New Zealand culture that drove innovation and growth.

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Our story

Johnson Corner was an idea conceived in March 2018, to help Taranaki, a region of New Zealand, thrive in the 4th industrial revolution. We launched the first flexible workplace and innovation lab in the region. 

Our work has validated the need for 'creative infrastructure' across neighbourhoods and cities around the world, helping communities thrive in the 21st century.  

We now have a vision for a global New Zealand brand and validation that there are many communities at risk of digital inequality, increasing the threat of their prosperity in the future of work. 

We aim to imprint humanised design, Maōritanga, New Zealand innovation knowledge, and technology in our environments, driving care and growth for people, business, and place.

William Thomas Johnson

The Johnson Company, which operates Johnson Corner, was named after William T. Johnson, the great grandfather of our co-founder Elle Belushi. In the late 1800s, William left his family business, W Johnson and Sons, to emigrate to New Zealand, settling in the region of Taranaki. Since then, the Johnsons have been an iconic entrepreneurial family for over 100 years. We hope to carry the entrepreneurial spirit of the Johnson family, inspiring the world to think big, be bold and build the world of tomorrow.

The Corner 

The corner refers to an iconic street corner building in New Plymouth Taranaki, where Johnson Corner originated. In the early 1900s, this neighbourhood was a vibrant corner of New Plymouth city, was now left with empty retail stores. Johnson Corner committed to uplifting the neighbourhood. 


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