Johnson Corner

Event Space

Inspiring venue to elevate your event

Our event spaces are fully equipped and ready to book for your next event. Whether it is a full-day conference, evening speaker series, week-long hackathon, investor demo day and/or an accelerator programme, our events team will create an everlasting experience for your guests. 


Speaker Series

We work with event planners who host premium speaker series events on a regular basis. We believe individual stories create empathy with the audience and inspire personal/professional growth.

Startup Events

Host a product launch, investor demo day, hackathon, accelerator programme, innovation workshops, think tanks and other start-up related events.


Enterprise Events

Gain exposure to our community and wider ecosystem by hosting your annual performance events and/or showcasing your innovation progress to attract new clients and talent.

Amenities included

Venue.  Furniture.  Secured WiFi.   Free Refreshments.    Support Staff.   

Social Media Promotion.

Add-on services

Food and Drinks.   Photography.   Filming.   

Digital Marketing Promotion.   Serving Staff.  

Healthy food, healthy

event outcomes

Our catering menu is carefully crafted for every season by infusing the essence of bonding over healthy dining. For Winter 2020, the catering menu offers our first plant-based menu and less animal-based food.

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Meeting Space

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