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Our approach to shaping the world at work


The way the world works is changing: flexibility is front of mind and safety is a must. Teams need safe spaces that foster collaboration. Companies need offices that flex to evolving demands. Employees need a place to focus while having the freedom to work where and how they want.


We are integrating wellebing with high performance

Working in a space that prioritises your health and safety is essential. That's why we've reimagined the workplace with enhanced cleaning processes, modified layouts, upgraded HVAC systems and helpful signage.

Adapating the workplace with evolving needs

Our platform helps companies quickly pivot and scale with ease, and empowers people everywhere to choose where and how they work.


Values we apply to create your ideal workspace


Our spaces are environmentally and economically sustainable. It is welcoming and well resourced for everyone to shape their work-life.  


Resilience to Pandemics, climate change, promotes a feeling of safety. 


An accessible workspace is built for diversity, inclusion and equality. It ensures fair and equal access to amenities, employment, safety, education and more. 


A desirable workplace is a pleasure to be in. It is designed on human scale. A place that attracts the best talent. 


A shared workspace encourages a sense of community, collaboration, and togetherness.


The office inpsiring our best work

Our offices are intentionally designed for you to do your best work – offering different space types that enhance productivity and collaboration.

Productising the built environments

Enhance your network performance, speed and security with our full-stack tech bundles, no CapEx required. Components include: dedicated Internet bandwidth, private Wi-Fi and on-site co-location.


Not looking for space yourself

Learn how Johnson Corner can shape your world at work

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