Our Mission

Accelerate the transition towards a sustainable world of work

Progressive and thoughtfully designed, Johnson Corner office solutions are made for companies of all sizes and ages.  

We believe the right workspace can give you a competitive edge by giving your team members an environment where wellbeing connected with performance allows for better focus, engagement, creativity, and productivity. All businesses are ever-changing at speed so we make it easy to adapt your office network and open a new location with ease. At Johnson Corner, finding, building, operating, and improving your workplace is part of the service we provide. 

Trusted by modern companies - from enterprises, startups to government.

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Our Story

In 2017, Johnson Corner was an idea brainstormed by Adnan and Elle Belushi, who couldn't find the perfect workspace in New Plymouth City, New Zealand. With a background in design and enterprise, and a family with a history in commercial real estate, they set about creating Johnson Corner. A work environment that combined flexibility and wellbeing with all the services one would expect from an office provider.

The business quickly evolved from a coworking space to a premium office provider for enterprises, growing startups, and working professionals with a global mission of accelerating the transition towards a sustainable world of work.

Johnson Corner is currently working towards launching more locations around New Zealand and taking a unique design, workspace experience and sustainable work culture from Aotearoa to the rest of the world.

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"At Johnson Corner, we are building a workspace where individuals, teams, and organisations reach sustainable high performance. One that empowers humans to alternate between being focused, engaged, and relaxed.

Adnan Belushi. Cofounder and CEO

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